Back home for the weekend. A four day break.

We're back home for the weekend. She just had a routine Chest CT done and we're waiting for the film lab to burn the disk. As a result of our little haitus, it'll be 4 days break in between Coley's Toxins treatments (we'll resume Coley's next Tuesday).

The MBVax protocol talks about loss of tolerance to Coley's Toxins. Patients who stop Coley's for more than a week are supposed to go back to the beginning and start at 0.001ml all over. Ours will be 4 days - not quite 1 week. We might consider reducing dosage. We'll have to discuss this with the Issels doctors.

Well one thing's for sure, we're enjoying the food back home and eating as much as we can! (The food at Oasis is really quite good, but it's primarily vegetarian)