Coley's Toxins IV #1 - Our adventure begins

We had brought a large body-sized far-infrared heating pad to warm her, as well as smaller one for her chest. I kept her under blankets and turned up the room thermostat to 80F. We did this to take the edge of the chills and shakes, as well as to reduce energy requirements by the body to raise core temperature.

(The picture below is of the far infra-red heating pad in black, covered with towels, that we used to pre-warm the body)

1.5 hours after infusion, she began experiencing chills. We cranked up the heat, in order to fend off more extreme chills and the shakes. That worked very well. Shortly after cranking up the heat, her chills all but disappeared. Then, 45 minutes after onset of chills, her temperature reached 102.1F.

So then, it seems that our very first infusion, at 1/2 the typical starting dose managed to induce fever! The actual time above 102.5F was probably not more than 15 minutes. So, it wasn't a very strong response, but a good response nevertheless.

Some observations:

  • Her pulse peaked at 117
  • Her face was flush red
  • Her minimum blood pressure was a drop to 102/54 about an hour before the chills happened (during the pre-warming phase)
  • She felt some bone pain in the hip and some soreness in the back. These were very minor.

Generally, we felt that our very first Coleys went as well as one could ask for. We achieved fever in the target range and there were no complications! Overall, the entire fever process took about 6 hours, after which she felt 100% back to normal.

SAM 3630