Coley's Toxins IV #15 - A good fever given the circumstances

This morning, she woke up and felt good enough to to Coley's. There wasn't any "slight burning sensation" in the chest. Neither was there any noticeable heavyness. However, she did have some light yellow phlegm that had to be cleared with some difficulty. So we're thinking that the symptoms she felt yesterday were the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection after all. Perhaps our standard high dose Vitamin D3 - Sambucol - Lactoferrin mix nipped it in the bud, as it has done so reliably for the past 2 years. Only time will tell.

As usual, she received an infusion of saline + B vitamins + multi-minerals. She's received this with almost every Coley fever. This is standard operating procedure at Issels. The actual Coley's was infused beginning at 1pm. It's now 7pm and she's finally gotten up and gone to wash up.

Mild chills

She experienced fleeting chills 1 hour post infusion start. Then, nothing for a while until about 2.5 hours post infusion start. The second occurrence of chills ended up being only about 15 minutes. As usual, they were mild, which we assume is due to our pre-warming with the far infra red pad.

Even milder cough

If you remember, the last Coley's was characterized by a rather mild cough. We were wondering/hoping then that her fever associated cough was beginning to resolve. Well, today's cough was even milder. When coughed only a few times the entire day. There were no spontaneous coughs. They had to be triggered with deep breathing. This happened only after the fever peaked.

Fever strength and duration

The fever peak wasn't very high. But we're not too surprised. We did increase dosage to 0.012ml. We did so because we feel that the previous dosage of 0.009ml was in actuality higher due to the more concentrated remnant fluid left at the bottom of the vial. So, we wanted to stay at the "same dosage" as before. And we took a best guess and estimated it to be 0.012ml, not daring to go higher.

Today's fever peaked at 102.7F. It hovered above the lower threshold of 102.5F for just about an hour and 20 minutes. So, while it wasn't a very high fever, it was a relatively protracted one.

Overall, we were both quite pleased with today's fever given that she was a bit under the weather to start with. An interesting observation:- after the fever, she observed that her lungs felt clearer -- perhaps the fever helped smack down any upper respiratory tract infection! ..... we'll see.....