Coley's Toxins IV #2 - Substantial fever attained!

coleys toxins day2aToday, we stuck with the same 0.0005mL CFIV dosage. We expected that there may not be any fever today because we're using the same dosage as past Monday's. If you remember, Monday's fever broke past the 102.5F barrier for only 15 minutes. Furthermore, the body is supposed to get more tolerant to Coleys so one would expect a lower fever than expected this time.

However.... to our pleasant surprise, today's fever was a robust one. Chills began almost like clockwork at 1 hour after start of infusion (this is what the MBVax documentation also says).

Her temperature hit 102.5F at 45 minutes after onset of chills. Thereafter, the fever was long and robust. In all, it stayed above 102.5F for a full 2.5 hours. Furthermore, it stayed above 103F for over an hour, reaching a peak of 103.5F.

One unexpected side effect today was she experienced a few minutes shortness of breath. We notified the nurse just in case. The nurse seemed to have seen this before and immediately hooked up an oxygen cannula, running at 1.5 LPM.

Generally, we observed that she sweated quite intensely today. This may have been due to the more aggressive pre-warming (higher heat pad settings, higher room thermostat setting, more blankets). To compensate, I made sure that she consumed more oral electrolytes.

So, it would seem that more aggressive pre-warming may potentially have contributed to a more intense generation of fever? An alternate explanation is she wasn't feeling very strong before commencing Monday's first dosage. Perhaps that would be a more apt explanation for today's higher fever (with same dosage).

Summary: Today's was an extremely successful fever. However, we're curious why it was better than Monday's despite staying at the same dose level.