Coley's Toxins Week 3

SAM 4137This week I had two increases in dosage - to 0.002mL and 0.003mL. Neither dosages gave me sustained fever above 102.5F. Most likely I'm developing some tolerance, so there will be more dose escalation next week.

We learned this week that if I don't sweat much during the fever, I feel more fatigued after the fever ends. This happened on Coley's #7 - I had to rest my head on the dining table during dinner time that night! Thus, for Coley's #8 and #9, we cranked up the heat pad when my fever started to subside. This caused me to sweat more and I had more energy after the fever ended.

Another thing we noticed is my hands have gotten darker. (No, I have not been tanning here in Tijuana :-)) The only other time this happened was during chemotherapy, when I received doxorubicin and ifosfamide. It is a normal side effect of the chemo. It could be that somehow Coley's is causing side effects from chemo to reoccur. Reactivation of "old injuries" has been observed in other patients receiving Coley's.

(The beach in Tijuana, right by the Mexico/US border. We walk a block to the beach on the days when I don't have treatment.)

SAM 4137