Delay in Coley's while waiting for Graves' to subside

We're still waiting to resume Coley's. Unfortunately, there's been a resurgence of her Graves' disease (which started in April 2010). One of the symptoms that we have to be careful about is the elevated heart rate due to Graves'. We're trying to get that under control before considering resuming Coley's. There's the possibility that Coley's caused her Graves' disease to re-surge. However, there are other potential causes including the Pseudomonas sepsis itself, or a recent bad allergic reaction triggered by her PICC dressing. Our best guess is that she may have had Graves since 2008 (or at least some tendency towards autoimmunity). Why do we think this? Mainly because she experienced a major unexplained bout of systemic inflammation from a single dose of Lupron in 2008, and then half-side body numbness after a single Pneumovax shot in mid 2009. These occurrences were unexplainable and self-limiting. A neurologist-oncologist we consulted with concurred with us that the Pneumovax reaction was most likely an autoimmune attack on the nervous system. There are also historical references to Coley's being used to ameliorate autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Obviously, we hope that Coley's was not the cause of the Graves' resurgence. Regardless, we will have to proceed carefully in the future to ensure that it does not exacerbate Graves' too much.