Post-fever appetite: Coley's #13

SAM 4285During my Coley's treatments, I eat breakfast around 8:30am, skip lunch, then I eat dinner after the fever subsides. Today I decided to eat some fruit during the fever, as I was getting quite hungry. I had a plum, then a banana. That wasn't quite enough for me, so after the fever came down, I went down to the cafeteria and asked for a snack. I had two pieces of cake (healthy cake with nuts and fruit) and a cup of apple juice.

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Then came dinner time. We went out to a nearby restaurant with other patients. I had a bowl of tortilla soup (with avocado, homemade cheese, tortilla strips) and ostrich steak. The ostrich tastes like very lean beef. I've been low in iron, so I've ordered ostrich a few times already.  I had room even after that! So, I ended the meal with a large piece of carrot cake. After all that eating, I wasn't even stuffed!

SAM 4285


I'm in awe that I have very good appetite each time after Coley's. It's such a stark contrast to the time when I had chemo (doxorubicin and ifosfamide). My appetite got worse and worse with each round of chemo, and my weight kept on dropping. With Coley's, I have no problems eating dinner afterwards, and as you can see for today, I can eat quite a large meal!