Postponed until tomorrow

Early this morning, she woke up with a slight burning sensation across the upper middle area of her chest. Later on, she felt a slight heavyness in her chest. It would eventually get better by evening time.

The doctors listened carefully to her lungs. They said her lungs sounded clear.

One possibility is she might be fighting off an upper respiratory infection. It's been going around here in the small ward where we are. There are no open windows here so it's hard to get real fresh air.

Our standard protocol when we see the first signs of an upper respiratory infection -- and which has worked very well for us the past 2 years --  is to immediately supplement with the following for no more than 3 days:

  1. High dose Vitamin D3 - 90,000IU / day for 3 days max
  2. Sambucol (Black Elderberry extract) - 2-3 Tbsp / day (better than Tamiflu)
  3. Lactoferrin (between 500mg - 1000mg, twice daily)

Generally, we try to minimize supplements during Coley's. One can do as much research as possible and choose supplements that may be complementary to Coley's. However, there's always a risk of negative interaction. For example, taking high dose fish oil is anti-inflammatory and there is the risk of muting the immune response (which we don't want with Coley's!!). Likewise, there is the theoretical risk for Vitamin D3, Curcumin, and maybe even EGCG. These are all based on our own research trolling through pubmed research articles. Therefore, we intend to take the above supplements only for 3 days maximum.

We'll see how she fares tomorrow. We agree with the doctors that it makes sense to postpone Coley's and re-evaluate come tomorrow.