Rexin G for metastatic cancers

I came across an article today describing Rexin G. Rexin G Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For The Treatment Of Osteosarcoma.

It's some type of nano-particle gene delivery molecule that targets metastatic cancers in general. It also claims to target primary tumors. It's currently in clinical trials for the following cancers:

  1. Sarcomas of all types (failed chemotherapy)
  2. Breast Cancer (failed std. chemotherapy)
  3. Pancreatic Cancer (failed gemcitabine)

Rexin-G claims to be the world's first and so far only targeted injectable genetic medicine that has been validated in the clinic (Nature Reviews/Genetics 2007). It's injected intravenously, the targeted nanoparticles are designed to seek out and destroy both primary tumors and metastatic cancers that have spread throughout the body. The FDA had already granted Orphan Drug Status for Rexin-G for the treatment of pancreatic cancer while the Philippine BFAD has granted accelerated approval of Rexin-G for the treatment of all solid tumors that are resistant to standard chemo. Today's announcement adds orphan status for treatment of osteosarcomas.

Also of interest is the Interim Analysis of Phase I/II Study of Rexin-G article published at the end of April, 2008. The Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Chawla seemed pretty enthusiastic. Basically, they validated positive anti-tumor activity and safety at lower doses and are now planning to up the doses.

This drug is definitely one to keep an eye on...