Suntan lotion may be ineffective or even dangerous

Conventional wisdom says "apply lots of suntan lotion and avoid the sun". I'm beginning to see reports that a number of suntan lotion brands don't work. I'm also seeing reports that suntan lotion may contain substances that are actually harmful to the body. Furthermore, new research is showing that people may not be getting enough sunshine.

For sure, too much sun can cause skin cancer. There is also evidence indicating a rise in tanning parlor use with an increase in skin cancers.

On the flip side, there is growing belief and awareness that people just aren't getting enough sun. If you aren't aware already, you definitely want to read about Vitamin D and cancer as well as Vitamin D and diabetes. This is probably one of the most important medical findings of recent years.

Here are some links I've compiled concerning sunscreen:-

July 2008

Study: Some sunscreens overpromise on protection

  • Story Highlights
  • Environmental Working Group: 4 out of 5 sunscreens tested don't adequately protect
  • Group says chemical in sunscreens can penetrate skin and pose health concerns
  • FDA allows the chemical in sunscreens, says it is safe
  • Sunscreen manufacturers say their products are safe and effective
 July 2008

 Melanoma on the rise among young women in the US

  • The overall rise among young women over the same period was much steeper (than for young men), from 5.5 in 1973 to 13.9 in 2004
  • change in the way melanoma is diagnosed would not affect the findings said the investigators, because it doesn't explain the gender differences in the trends
  • Among 16 to 18 year-olds, both the prevalence of sunburn and the average number of days spent at the beach went up between two sun surveys carried out in 1998 and 2004, and tanning bed use, which has been cited recently as a probable cause of melanoma is also going up among US adults and young women in particular

 Finally, related to this topic is a fascinating cream that supposedly heals non-melanoma skin cancers called Curaderm. No surgery needed!