Coley's Toxins IV #5 - First dose increase (to 0.00075mL)

Mexican soldiers patroling outside Oasis of Hope with machine gunsToday, we increased the dosage from 0.0005mL by 50% to 0.00075mL. Those of you familiar with the MBVax protocol will note that this is still less than the typical starting dose of 0.001mL. The reason why we're treading cautiously is from previous experience with various drugs and chemo. She just tends to react quite strongly to typical dosages (even those adjusted for body weight).

Coley Fluid infusion started at 12:30pm. The first sign of chills occurred about 45 minutes later. By 3:15pm, her temperature broke through to 102.6F. It stayed there for a little over an hour. The highest point being 102.7F.

Compared to Monday's fever, this one was a tad lower (Monday's highest was 102.9, with 1.5 hours above 102.5 threshold). This may indicate a need to increase the dosage to 0.001ml next.

Also, a new development today was her pulse rate reached a peak of 130 (10 points higher than Monday's highest). This is a first. I notified the nurse who contacted the doctor. The doctor didn't seem concerned but ordered IV hydration. I'm guessing the doctor thinks the elevated pulse is probably due to dehyration.

Overall, she felt pretty good throughout the fever. The primary symptom, again, was fatigue. Again, she had some slight coughing (coming from the diaphragm). The doctor said that it's most likely due to inflammation caused by the fever.

Even though she felt pretty good throughout the fever, she was quite tired out at the end of the day. Not enough energy to go down to dinner so I brought food up from the cafeteria. We'll see how she feels tomorrow.