Coley's Toxins IV #11 - Breaking tolerance

Today, we increased the dosage from 0.004ml -> 0.006ml. We did this because it was becoming apparent that her body is developing tolerance to Coley's Toxins. We felt that increasing to 0.005 wouldn't do too much based on previous fever curves.

Increasing to 0.006ml was probably the right choice. We clearly noticed that today's chills were much more apparent (even with the heat pad). This was more in line with the robust fever from IV#2. Also, the chills occurred about 45min-1 hour after infusion start. This was followed by rise in body temperature shortly after. In contrast, fevers 8, 9 and 10 were slow to happen.

Today's peak was 102.7F. This is above the 102.5F threshold. We were happy about that. However, one interesting thing we noticed is that it dropped off rather quickly (in comparison to robust fever #2).


I wonder what it'll take to re-create a sustained fever. Do we merely need to hit a high enough dose? Or could it be that her body has become more efficient at neutralizing the Toxins? Hmm....