An unexpected delay in treatment

Sunday night, she suddenly came down with spontaneous shaking chills and high fevers - three of them in the ensuing 24 hours. Her highest registered temperature was 105.6.

After the first fever subsided, we thought it was most likely some viral infection that was resolving. However, when the second one hit, we cancelled the flight back down to San Diego (no way she could walk with the severe chills). We waited for the chills to subside and the fever to spike.

The second fever seemed to resolve after some time. I wanted to take her to the urgent care clinic but she wanted to have a meal. After the meal, the chills hit yet again, and her temperature spiked again.

We took her to the ER where they did blood cultures, X-rays, urine samples. They administered broad spectrum IV antibiotics empirically, as there was no obvious infection (no flu like symptoms, no burning during urination, no diarrhea etc).

For many hours the ER doctors had no clear idea what could be causing the fevers. I had to explain to about 6 different physicians our adventures for the past 5 weeks in Mexico.

After about 14 hours, they found evidence of bacterial contamination in her PICC line. They removed the line and sent it for further analysis, hoping to isolate the primary bacterial strain. By that time, she was already beginning to feel much better.

It may take a few days (or more) to take care of this infection. This will cause a delay in her treatment. We won't be going back down to Mexico until this is completely taken care of. Sorry . . . but there'll be no Coley's fever graphs until then . . .