Topical Vitamin C claimed to heal Basal Cell carcinoma

basal cell carcinomaHere's a really fascinating report on topical vitamin C being used to heal Basal Cell carcinoma: Fascinating report on topical vitamin C for basal cell carcinoma

Normally, I would write this off as a unproven hoopla since I haven't found any large reliable clinics or medical papers backing this up. However, I know of a personal friend who is an MD in the east coast who has successfully treated patients with a completely occluded vitamin C paste. In a matter of days, the basal cell carcinoma disappears.

So if this is something that pertains to you, there is extremely little downside giving it a try. It costs near to nothing to try by yourself. Or if you're not comfortable or confident enough, you just need to bring this information to an experienced CAM doctor. They should be able to figure it out easily enough.