About us

Welcome! We're glad you stopped by, whether for cancer treatment information or for a recipe!

Rene (CancerWife) has had a little more energy to cook after a long cancer battle, so we're very glad she can share her favorite simple and tasty recipes here with you! She mainly cooks with the Instant Pot and Nuwave Oven because it's easy and quick.

If you're a cancer patient (or are caring for one), we know something of what you're going through. We were married for one year before Rene was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer called synovial sarcoma. Ever since diagnosis in 2008, Edward has devoted himself full-time to taking care of her and to support her as best as he can.

We've recently written a book, "Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy", to inform and empower cancer patients and caregivers. Our cancer story is woven in as we explain the science and concepts behind fighting cancer with immunotherapy. It's available at Amazon, and there is more information at CuringCancerBook.com.


Rene & Edward Chee