Coley's Toxins IV #6 - Looks like it's time to increase dosage more aggressively

Coley's Toxins treatment: Waiting for feverToday, it took almost 2 hours before there was any rise in temperature at all. However, she eventually developed fever, although it was clear that the temperature rise was not as fast and as high as previous treatments. She also experienced some light chills at that time.

Three hours after infusion start, she reached 102.6F. This lasted for barely an hour. Also, her peak was 102.7F. She also tolerated the fever very easily and didn't feel much discomfort, except for the fatigue that's always most prominent during fever peak.

As in the past 2 treatments, we kept the heating pads to a minimum and avoided making her sweat before onset of chills of fever. We also observed that she began to sweat during the cool-down phase of the fever (consistent with the MBVax protocol documentation).

As before, the side effects experienced during the fever were

  • chills (kept to a minimum using heat pads & blankets)
  • achy feeling in hips downwards (intensity 2 out of 10)
  • minor one-sided headache (2 out of 10)
  • dry cough especially when lying on the side


All the above side effects disappeared after the fever subsided. We also observed something interesting (but not surprising). During the chill phase, if she turned on her side, the shoulder not in contact with the heating pad would start to feel the chills. This would be immediately mitigated by lying on her back against the heating pad.

Again, this fever seemed to be lesser in intensity and duration. By 5 hours after start of infusion, she was all ready to head down for dinner (she never gets to eat lunch during the days when she gets Coleys, mainly to avoid nausea during the fever). She even felt strong enough to take a shower before heading down to the cafeteria for dinner.

Next week, we are considering increasing the dose to 0.002ml. We feel that the increase from 0.0005 -> 0.00075 didn't do all that much, and hence, a further increase to 0.001 may not be all that meaningful.

(Picture: Tijuana sunset as seen from our room at the Oasis of Hope Hospital. Very serene except on Friday and Saturday nights when the bar across the street plays horrendously loud music. Thank God for ear plugs...)

SAM 4015