Hyperthermia enhances radiation and chemotherapy

Hyperthermia used to be a hot area of research. However, it fell out of favor when clinical trials came out inconclusive. Recently, it's beginning to enjoy a resurgence due to new data. Duke University is the biggest hyperthermia research center in the US. Hyperthermia has been used in Europe for some time though.

The most sophisticated piece of machinery I'm aware of is made by BSD Medical Corp. This machine delivers localized targetted hyperthermia. They've setup a website to promote hyperthermia at http://www.treatwithheat.com. You'll be able to find physicians who offer hyperthermia by viewing their interactive map.

Whole body hyperthermia (WBH)

Whole body hyperthermia is more complicated that local focussed hyperthermia. Heating up the entire body results in more side effects and patient discomfort. The patient may also require anesthesia. Here's an interesting link by a WBH device maker: http://www.enthermics.com/hyperthermia/pdfs/research1229001607.pdf.

Here are a list of clinic trials involving whole body hyperthermia:


Here are some videos that I've compiled that will give you a good idea on the state of Hyperthermia treatment in cancer:

A good introduction to hyperthermia

This video shows the BSD2000 machine in action. It's a good introduction to hyperthermia. 


CBS news video (December 2007)

Patient with Angiosarcoma of the breast undergoes hyperthermia treatment at Duke University. The doc says they're looking for temperatures between 104 and 113 degrees. It weakens tumors and also enhances effectiveness of the drugs. Duke also has equipment for whole-body hyperthermia machines.


Hyperthermia + MRI enables focussing of heat (December 2007)

Local news report shows European doctors using the BSD2003DMR to focus heat while providing MRI images. It's the only modality that enhances radiation and chemotherapy without more side effects. It's the only modality that works better on large tumors than small tumors. The research shows that hyperthermia can double your rate of survival.