Kanzius to start testing his cancer machine on human blood!

If you haven't already heard about John Kanzius, this is worth checking out. He himself is battling Leukemia. He invented a machine that beams radiowaves at nano particles that attach to cancer cells. He's not a scientist but basically spent his life in the broadcasting industry. These nano particles (gold or carbon) act like little antennas and absorb the energy from the radio waves, thereby heating up and killing the cancer cells, but not surrounding healthy human cells. Researchers all over the world are excited about this technology. There's a whole team at MD Anderson pushing this research.

Something to note is that the late Richard Smalley (widely credited with creating the buckyball and whose research won him the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), was very optimistic it would work, even on his death bed. 

Watch this quick primer:


Then check out more at http://www.kanziuscancerresearch.com/

There's also an Erie-focussed blog that talks a bit about the financial aspect.

Dr. Curley provides progress updates on the ongoing active research at the Kanzius website. You can check it out here: