Skin cancer cure?

I was watching a video recording of a Q&A session at the Advanced Detoxification And Gene Based Medicine Conference (day 1). Dr. Gordon talks about a remarkable skin cancer "cure" that's available in Australia. It's called Curaderm. Supposedly it's not available in the US but is legally available from the UK from the following retailer: under the name BEC5. 

The claim is that Curaderm eliminates all the cancer cells to the roots, at the same time defending your healthy cells so they have the strength to re-heal back to complete health with no scars. That's a pretty remarkable claim. Furthermore, it's claimed that Curaderm contains natural, safe and non toxic active ingredient, which has helped over 100,000 people safely remove non-melanoma skin cancers and sun spots from the skin from the comfort and safety of their home. In the video, Dr. Gordon mentions this is a cure for all skin cancers. However, it's clear from Curaderm's website that it applies to non-melanoma skin cancers only. The Royal London Hospital did a double blind placebo trial and found a 79% effectiveness. The makers claim 100% in their own studies.

To listen to Dr. Gordon talk about Curaderm, listen to the following video. Double click on it to make it full-screen. Then fast forward to 21:45 mins. 





Additional resources:

  1. This website has a documented interview with Dr. Cham, primary investigator of BEC5
    In the late 1970s in Brisbane Australia, he was introduced to a plant known locally as the Devil's Apple plant.  A veterinarian explained to him that farmers were using the juices of the fruit of Devil's Apple plant to treat cancers that were growing in the eyes of Hereford Cattle. That's how it all got started ...
  2. Summary of the American College for Advancement in Medicine November 2007 Conference on Integrative Medicine: Advancing Science and Clinical Practice (search for Dr. Cham's presentation)