Our Book on Cancer Immunotherapy!

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy, by Rene Chee and Edward CheeWe'd like to introduce you to our book, "Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy." Cancer immunotherapy is a revolutionary way of treating cancer. It's making headlines, such as the news of former President Jimmy Carter's cancer remission after immunotherapy. But not many cancer patients know about this or understand it, so we decided to write this book.

We started pursuing cancer immunotherapy 7 years ago, long before most oncologists knew about immunotherapy. Because we had no guidance from our doctors, we examined the evidence objectively. We were fortunate that Dr. Lloyd Old, a prominent leader in cancer immunology, took us under his wing and taught us about cutting-edge immunotherapy. We developed such a deep conviction about immunotherapy that we pursued immunotherapy all over the world, even through a recurrence and metastases.
Since then, I have been cancer-free for the past 3 years.

Cancer immunotherapy is much more accessible now, compared to when we were pursuing it. We feel it's a travesty that cancer patients are dying today without ever having heard about immunotherapy or given the opportunity to try it. We hope our book will inform and empower the reader about the curative potential of cancer immunotherapy and how it can be harnessed in optimal ways today.

More info and a forum on immunotherapy: curingcancerbook.com

May cancer immunotherapy give others a second chance at life as it did for us,
Rene & Edward Chee (CancerWife & CancerHusband)

 Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy, by Rene Chee and Edward Chee