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Hotel Discounts for Cancer Patients

Traveling to various places for medical appointments or treatments gets quite expensive after a while.  Thankfully there are discounts for cancer patients at certain hotels.

Post-fever appetite: Coley's #13

SAM 4285During my Coley's treatments, I eat breakfast around 8:30am, skip lunch, then I eat dinner after the fever subsides. Today I decided to eat some fruit during the fever, as I was getting quite hungry. I had a plum, then a banana. That wasn't quite enough for me, so after the fever came down, I went down to the cafeteria and asked for a snack. I had two pieces of cake (healthy cake with nuts and fruit) and a cup of apple juice.

Coley's Toxins Week 3

SAM 4137This week I had two increases in dosage - to 0.002mL and 0.003mL. Neither dosages gave me sustained fever above 102.5F. Most likely I'm developing some tolerance, so there will be more dose escalation next week.

Coley's Toxins Weeks 1 & 2

SAM 3830We had heard and read much about Coley's Toxins and its potential side effects, and now I was to experience it. We want to share my experience with others: how Coley's Toxins actually makes one feel - both immediately during and after treatment. The past two weeks have been like a long experiment. We recorded every sensation I felt during and after the Coley's treatment.

Overnight chemotherapy treatment

Some chemotherapy regimens require overnight hospital stays.  I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days during my chemotherapy sessions.  The first time I went in, I had no idea what to expect, so I want to write about my experience to help those who may be going through something similar.  This is based on my experience at a private university hospital.

What to bring:

- a blanket.  They provide sheets and thin blankets, but the wards are usually so cold.  It's nice to have a fleece blanket or something that is warm.

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