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No-Cook Honeydew Coconut Chia Pudding

honeydew coconut chia pudding recipeA quick and healthy spin to a classic Asian dessert, honeydew coconut pudding.

4 ingredients only and no cooking required!


Healthy Snacking: Kettle Chips Real Sliced Potatoes

Potato chips are one of my guilty pleasures.  When I started the low omega 6 diet, I realized that most of the chips  have a ton of omega 6 fats.
Chips are usually fried in large amounts of sunflower or safflower oil, which are high in omega 6 (4g or 10g omega 6/ Tbs, respectively).

Freekeh Mediterranean Salad

 In looking for healthy grains that are low glycemic, I found freekeh.  It's an ancient grain that is readily available at Costco (Village Harvest Organic Freekeh).

An added benefit of this dish is that I have fun saying "I'm eating freeky" :-)


Blueberry Chia Egg Oatmeal

I've been searching for a good breakfast food that is fast to make, low in carbs and high in protein.

I may have found it with this recipe!


Cryoblation experience: April 2013 lung cryoablation

I hope the blogging of my experiences will help others understand cryoablation and/or to help prepare them for their cryoablation procedure. For myself, I find that knowing ahead of time what the procedure is like helps calm me for the procedure.

April 2013

Cryoablation: freezing + killing tumor with probes, creating an in-situ cancer vaccine

What is cryoablation?
Cryoablation is a physical modality to destroy tumor by freezing tumor with needle probes that are inserted into or immediately adjacent to a tumor.
What does the procedure involve?

MD Anderson Cancer Center Travel Tips: Food

MD Anderson Houston restaurantsThese are my favorite places to eat and get food in Houston, Texas when I go to MD Anderson Cancer Center for appointments.
I look for healthy restaurants and food options when I'm at MD Anderson. Cafeterias and cafes at MD Anderson, casual sit-down restaurants, take out places or even supermarkets that don't break the wallet!
I'll be adding to the list as I venture around more!

MD Anderson Cancer Center Travel Tips: Hotels

These hotels near MD Anderson are ones that I've stayed at before.  I've felt comfortable with the cleaniness of the hotel and the safety of the area.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Travel Tips: Car Rental and Transportation

After your flight is booked, you may want to rent a car during your visit to MD Anderson.  There are two different airports that service Houston, so you have to make sure the car rental is from the airport that your flight is arriving into!  The two airports are:

George Bush Intercontinental/ Houston Airport - IAH

William P. Hobby Airport - HOU

MD Anderson Cancer Center Travel Tips: Flights

  • Where is MD Anderson Cancer Center?

MD Anderson Cancer Center is located in Houston, Texas.

  • Which airport should I fly into?

There are two airports that service Houston, both are about the same distance from MD Anderson:

George Bush Intercontinental/ Houston Airport - IAH

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