Cancer immunotherapy for Follicular Lymphoma: Dendritic Vaccine & Cryoablation (ongoing trial)


This is the testimony from a Follicular Lymphoma patient who acheived remission on this trial: her desperate situation before going on the trial, her experience going through immunotherapy, to being told she was in remission. 

Cryoblation experience: April 2013 lung cryoablation

I hope the blogging of my experiences will help others understand cryoablation and/or to help prepare them for their cryoablation procedure. For myself, I find that knowing ahead of time what the procedure is like helps calm me for the procedure.

April 2013

Cryoablation: freezing + killing tumor with probes, creating an in-situ cancer vaccine

What is cryoablation?
Cryoablation is a physical modality to destroy tumor by freezing tumor with needle probes that are inserted into or immediately adjacent to a tumor.
What does the procedure involve?

Potential to enhance efficacy of checkpoint blockade

A patient was on Yervoy for many months but progressed. A painful spinal lung met developed. The clinicians (Dr. James Allison's colleagues at Memorial Sloan in New York) decided to irradiate for pain relief. Amazingly, one month later, when Yervoy was resumed, all other progressing tumors regressed (not just the sole irradiated tumor). They documented this exciting finding in a case report.

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