Cancer immunotherapy for Follicular Lymphoma: Dendritic Vaccine & Cryoablation (ongoing trial)


This is the testimony from a Follicular Lymphoma patient who acheived remission on this trial: her desperate situation before going on the trial, her experience going through immunotherapy, to being told she was in remission. 

Results of this ongoing dendritic vaccine with cryoablation trial for lymphomas, poster presentation at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting, December 2014:
dendritic vaccine with cryoablation for lymphoma clinical trial preliminary results
  • "Cryoablation and intramural DC injections can induce distal tumor response"
This is exciting, because it means that when cryoablation and dendritic cell vaccine injection is given to tumor A, somewhere else in the body, tumor B starts to shrink!
This means the immune system is activated to go kill tumor cells all around the body, even though only one tumor was treated. That is the power of immunotherapy! 
The rationale behind treating lymphoma patients with dendritic vaccine and cryoablation is explained by the Mayo Clinic doctor, Dr. Yi Lin, running this trial. Of note, the need to combine immunotherapy treatments to elicit a long term immune response against the cancer. 
This dendritic cell vaccine and cryoablation trial is not accruing anymore, as of December 2014, but here are the details of this clinical trial. Hopefully this treatment will move up the ladder of clinical trials and become approved soon!