Guide to the Jesse H. Jones Rotary House International Hotel, MD Anderson Hotel

Guide to the MD Anderson Rotary House HotelEverything is bigger in Texas, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center is no exception!
The cancer center is spread over several 10+ story buildings.  Staying in the middle of MD Anderson at the Rotary House Hotel definitely helps, but you still need to figure out the maze! 
I hope this guide to staying at the Rotary House Hotel will make your time at MD Anderson more pleasant, with information about checking in and out of the hotel, how to get to your appointments and things to do at MD Anderson.
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Guide to the MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel, Houston, TX
Checking In and Parking 

MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel entrance driveway 
Entrance to the Jesse H. Jones Rotary House International Hotel
  • When you first arrive, drive into the Rotary House driveway on Holcombe Blvd.   Pass the valet, then the first few parking spaces are for registering guests.  Park the car then go into the lobby for check in.  [Self parking in the Rotary House Parking Garage costs $7 a day (as of October 2014) and is added to the hotel bill.]
  • After you register and get your room key, drive through the parking lot until you reach a gate.  This first gate will automatically open when your car approaches.
  • Then the second gate in front of the multilevel parking garage opens with the room key.
  • The 4th floor of the parking garage leads directly to the 2nd floor of the building.  If you park on any other floor of the parking garage, take the garage elevator to the 4th floor.  From there you can walk directly into the building.  
  • Once in the building, follow the signs to the Rotary House, which is past the Fuzion's frozen yogurt store and Apicius Restaurant.  Take the elevator across from the Apicius Restaurant to your room floor number.
MD Anderson Rotary House 2nd floor entrance
Rotary House 2nd floor entrance
Getting Around MD Anderson
There are multiple elevators spread across each floor. Remember 3 things about the location of your appointment:
  • Building
  • Floor Number
  • Elevator Letter

For example, the CT scan clinic is at the Main building, Floor 3, near Elevator A. Remember "Main 3A".

It is best to go to that exact elevator to reach the clinic / location of your appointment. On some floors, you cannot walk from one elevator to another.

Going to the Main Building from the Rotary House Hotel

Clinic appointments, many scans and laboratory tests are at the Main Building.  It's a short walk across the skybridge from the Rotary House Hotel.
There is a slight downhill slope when walking from the Rotary House to the Main Building.  Note that when returning from the Main Building to the Rotary House, there is a slight incline.  If you need a wheelchair, contact Patient Guest Relations.
  • Go to the 2nd floor in the Rotary House.
  • Walk past the Apicius Restaurant and Gift Shop.  
  • Turn Right and walk all the way through the skybridge to Main Building (3rd Floor).  You will be next to Main Building's Elevator A.
MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel to Main Building walkway skybridge  MD Anderson skybridge walkway to Main Building
Skybridge walkway from Rotary House 2nd floor to Main Building 3rd floor
  • To go to the Main Building MRI, CT or Laboratory:

The Main Building MRI reception room is directly in front.  To the left is the Main Building CT reception room.

MD Anderson Main Building CT Waiting room
Main Building CT reception room, 3rd floor near Elevator A

To go to the Main Building Laboratory, take Elevator A or the escalator down to the 2nd floor.  The Laboratory is on the Right after exiting Elevator A.

Note: Starting Monday, April 10, the Diagnostic Center-Lab Medicine in the Main Building, Floor 2, will move to Floor 10, near Elevator B. There will be signs to direct you to the new location.

MD Anderson Main Building Laboratory
Main Building Laboratory, 2nd Floor near Elevator A
Things to do
When there are no appointments, there are many things to do while staying at the Rotary House Hotel.
In the room
  • Flat screen TV with many channels.  Click on the Channel Guide for larger image.


  • free DVD movie and DVD player rental
The Patient Guest Relations office on the 2nd floor of the Rotary House Hotel has a large selection of classic and current DVDs.  Go check out their big binders of DVD selections!  If you want to watch the DVD on the TV in the room, you can also borrow a DVD player.  Otherwise, you can play the DVD on your laptop.
At the Rotary House Hotel
  • Weekly activities

MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel weekly activity schedule

There are activities lined up at the Rotary House from Monday to Friday and Sunday: movie night, music concerts, dance performances, informational sessions.  Click on the picture for a larger image.

The weekly schedule of activities changes on Saturday.  Saturday is a very quiet day at the Rotary house, with no activities and many eateries are closed.  But, there are still many activities you can do!



  • Quiet room - This is a relaxing room with an aquarium, many armchairs and sofa for reading or doing work.

MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel quiet room







  •  Mayfair Room - A large lounge with a TV, electronic piano and hot beverages (coffee, tea).  Movie nights are held here.

MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel Mayfair Room







  • Atrium - An airy high ceiling lobby with sofas, tables and chairs.  Music and dance performances are held here.

MD Anderson Rotary house hotel atrium 

  • Swimming Pool and Gym - Take a swim or spend some time on the exercise machines.  Or just lounge poolside!

MD Anderson Rotary House Pool 

At MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Kim's Place - For 15-30 year olds, this is a fun place with TV, Wii, video games, computers, 2 basketball throw machines, pool table, jukebox, mini-kitchen and quiet areas.  Main Building 2nd floor, in the Park. 
  • Observation Deck - This is not to be missed!  I only discovered this place after going to MD Anderson for years!  See a panoramic view of Houston from this top floor where there are armchairs to relax in, a big screen TV and even a baby grand piano that automatically plays music!  Getting here is an adventure - In the Main Building, head to the F elevators and go up to the 22nd floor.  Then take another elevator up to the 24th floor of the Alkek Building.

MD Anderson Observation Deck  MD Anderson Observation Deck

Checking out

  • TV express check-out: Locate Guest services on TV menu.  Click on check-out.  

I found it pretty neat that I could see the total amount charged to me on the TV, and that I could also check out using the TV!  Give it a try!

  • Phone express check-out: Dial 7063, leave your name and room number and you will be checked out automatically.
  • The day you check out, you still have garage privileges until 8pm that day.  This allows for you to keep your car parked in the hotel garage until you are done for the day at the hospital, and saves you some parking cost!  Keep at least one hotel room key with you for exiting the garage.  Additional hotel room keys can be left in the room or dropped off at the lobby. 

More Information

For information on reservations and room details, see the MD Anderson Rotary House Hotel Review.

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