How to Minimize CT Scan Radiation Damage

3 Tips to Minimize CT scan radiation damageOne major concern with CT scans is the radiation damage it can cause.

This becomes more of an issue when you get frequent CT scans, as in the case of routine cancer monitoring. Ever since I was diagnosed, I have had an average of 4 chest CT scans each year.

 How much radiation do I get from a CT scan?

Diary of Radiation Symptoms

I had IMRT radiation to the head and neck (mainly the right side) for 30 sessions, a total of 66Gy of radiation.  I found that the radiation symptoms changed quickly, so I hope by documenting them here, it will help others who may be going through something similar.


Day 1 - Radiation #1

  • muscle tightness

Day 2 - Radiation #2:

  • muscle tightness
  • eyes very tired (like after being in sun)

Day 3 -

  • no soreness in jaw muscles
  • no more fatigue like Day 2

Day 4 -

Diet Suggestions During Head and Neck Radiation

Radiation to one's head and neck poses a challenge to eating enough. Radiation treatment also raises one's metabolism, so more calories are needed, otherwise weight is quickly lost.

When I had radiation, we wrote down everything I ate or drank every day, along with the calories. I had to eat at least 1500-2000 calories per day. Weighing myself every day also helped to motivate me to eat more. It's best to set a goal of the weight you do not want to drop below.

*** Breakfast ***

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