Red Band Society Episode 4: A Sarcoma Patient's Perspective

Red Band Society Episode 4 - There's No Place Like Homecoming
red band society episode 4Leo wants to excel at soccer again after receiving a sports scholarship.

How to Minimize CT Scan Radiation Damage

3 Tips to Minimize CT scan radiation damageOne major concern with CT scans is the radiation damage it can cause.

This becomes more of an issue when you get frequent CT scans, as in the case of routine cancer monitoring. Ever since I was diagnosed, I have had an average of 4 chest CT scans each year.

 How much radiation do I get from a CT scan?

Red Band Society Episode 3: A Sarcoma Patient's Perspective

Red Band Society Episode 3 - Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

red band society episode threeCharlie: "One thing I've noticed about being in a hospital -- People lie a lot, they lie to make you feel better, they lie to make themselves better…Lies are just one way of dealing."

Red Band Society Episode 2: A Sarcoma Patient's Perspective

Red Band Society Episode 2 - Sole Searching

red band society sarcoma patient perspective blog episode 2Jordi goes into his leg amputation surgery.  On his legs, he's written with black marker on one, "This leg" and on the other, "Not this leg".

Red Band Society Episode 1: A Sarcoma Patient's Perspective

red band society cancer dramaI was intrigued by "Red Band Society", a drama airing on Fox every Wednesday night at 9pm. I noticed one of the characters was a bald teenager with crutches.  "Ah, he must have osteosarcoma", I thought.  And I was right! 

Case Studies of High Omega 3 Low Omega 6 Regimen

Table comparing Patient DH and my high omega 3 low omega 6 regimen

As of Jan 2015 


Conventional treatment for Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Good news. The overall survival rate for soft tissue sarcoma was 40 percent back in 1970 and is up to around 70 percent today. The general strategy employed consists of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

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