Case Studies of High Omega 3 Low Omega 6 Regimen

Table comparing Patient DH and my high omega 3 low omega 6 regimen

As of Jan 2015 


Patient DH


Source of information

From personal communication with Patient DH and his case study in this journal article.



malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) sarcoma, stage 4, in lungs

synovial sarcoma, stage 4, primary in jaw area, lung metastasis

When starting high om3/ low om6 regimen:





cryoablation of three lung metastases, systemic immunotherapy

years ago: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy

Treatment prior to starting high om3/ low om6:

multiple metastatic tumors in both lungs, largest 5x3.6 cm, 3.8x3.4 cm

~1cm lung metastases cryoablated (3 different tumors cryoablated over 1 year)

omega 3 started after last lung cryoablation

During the high om3/ low om6 regimen:




- 2000 July:

Start high om3/ low om6

- 2000 Nov: 4 months later

Tumor shrinkage

- 2004 April: 4 years later

Tumor shrinkage over 93%

- 2010: 10 years later

Complete regression of all tumors.

*Decreased from 17g to 3g omega 3

- 2014 Feb: 13 years later

Continued complete remission on 3g omega 3/ low omega


- 2013 July:

Start high om3/ low om6

- 2013 Sept: months later

No new tumors after a pattern of accelerating tumor growth every 3 months. A 3mm cyst in the lung disappeared after starting the high omega 3/ low omega 6.

- 2015 Jan: 1.5 years later

No new tumors

*Decreased from 24g to 16g omega 3

Other treatments during:


Metformin 500mg (stopped Oct 2014)

Ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6

1.7 : 1 (for 10 years)

2.4 : 1 (for more than 1 year)

1.6 : 1 (start after 1 year clean scans) 


HIGH OMEGA 3 daily supplements

18 capsules high potency marine lipid concentrate (Vitaline Corp) +

19 capsules Neuromins 200 (200mg, Martek)

8 tsp liquid fish oil (Medomega, Carlson) +

20 capsules Neuromins (200mg, Nature’s Way)

------ after 1 year clean scans -----

6 tsp liquid fish oil (Medomega, Carlson) +

7 capsules Neuromins (200mg, Nature's Way)

Daily DHA (g)



Daily EPA (g)



Daily total Omega 3 from supplements

15g for 10 years


After 10 yrs --> complete regression, then decrease to 3g

24g for more than 1 year


After 1 year clean scans, decrease to 16g

(DHA 8.6g + EPA 7.2g)

Daily total Omega 6 from diet 

average 10g daily


no more than 10g daily


How to calculate omega 6

used nutritional software to analyse daily diet

no access to nutritional software, approximate omega 6 intake with this table

LOW OMEGA 6 DIET general guidelines  

- oils: only canola and olive

- eat salmon + sardines

- avoid corn + all corn containing products, avoid beef

- oils: mainly coconut, avocado and olive oil, butter occasionally

- avoid soy products, nuts (apart from macadamia), mayo, sesame oil

- low fat: lean + skinless meats, low fat options when eating out