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Hotel discounts for Cancer Patients

Traveling to various places for medical appointments or treatments gets quite expensive after a while.  Thankfully there are discounts for cancer patients at certain hotels.

Potential to enhance efficacy of checkpoint blockade

A patient was on Yervoy for many months but progressed. A painful spinal lung met developed. The clinicians (Dr. James Allison's colleagues at Memorial Sloan in New York) decided to irradiate for pain relief. Amazingly, one month later, when Yervoy was resumed, all other progressing tumors regressed (not just the sole irradiated tumor). They documented this exciting finding in a case report.

Checkpoint blockade - the hottest thing in conventional cancer immunotherapy


Back in 2009, when I began my quest to understand Coley's Toxins, my wife's boss at the university connected us with a very special human being. His name was Dr. Lloyd Old, once former Vice President at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, but in recent years before his passing away, fully dedicated chief of the Ludwig institute for Cancer Research (or LICR). LICR is a well funded non-profit research organization that sponsors and nurtures a large worldwide collaborative of leading researchers in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Cancer immunotherapy comes of age

A few days ago, I was scanning google scholar for the latest research on checkpoint blockade immunotherapy. I found a good paper that explains the current state cancer advances in the field of immunotherapy, including recent advances in checkpoint blockade:

Here's a link to that journal paper entitled "Cancer Immunotherapy comes of Age"

Embedded within the paper was the following important point:

Delay in Coley's while waiting for Graves' to subside

We're still waiting to resume Coley's. Unfortunately, there's been a resurgence of her Graves' disease (which started in April 2010). One of the symptoms that we have to be careful about is the elevated heart rate due to Graves'. We're trying to get that under control before considering resuming Coley's. There's the possibility that Coley's caused her Graves' disease to re-surge. However, there are other potential causes including the Pseudomonas sepsis itself, or a recent bad allergic reaction triggered by her PICC dressing.

An unexpected delay in treatment

Sunday night, she suddenly came down with spontaneous shaking chills and high fevers - three of them in the ensuing 24 hours. Her highest registered temperature was 105.6.

After the first fever subsided, we thought it was most likely some viral infection that was resolving. However, when the second one hit, we cancelled the flight back down to San Diego (no way she could walk with the severe chills). We waited for the chills to subside and the fever to spike.

Back home for the weekend. A four day break.

We're back home for the weekend. She just had a routine Chest CT done and we're waiting for the film lab to burn the disk. As a result of our little haitus, it'll be 4 days break in between Coley's Toxins treatments (we'll resume Coley's next Tuesday).

The MBVax protocol talks about loss of tolerance to Coley's Toxins. Patients who stop Coley's for more than a week are supposed to go back to the beginning and start at 0.001ml all over. Ours will be 4 days - not quite 1 week. We might consider reducing dosage. We'll have to discuss this with the Issels doctors.

Coley's Toxins IV #15 - A good fever given the circumstances

This morning, she woke up and felt good enough to to Coley's. There wasn't any "slight burning sensation" in the chest. Neither was there any noticeable heavyness. However, she did have some light yellow phlegm that had to be cleared with some difficulty. So we're thinking that the symptoms she felt yesterday were the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection after all. Perhaps our standard high dose Vitamin D3 - Sambucol - Lactoferrin mix nipped it in the bud, as it has done so reliably for the past 2 years. Only time will tell.

Postponed until tomorrow

Early this morning, she woke up with a slight burning sensation across the upper middle area of her chest. Later on, she felt a slight heavyness in her chest. It would eventually get better by evening time.

The doctors listened carefully to her lungs. They said her lungs sounded clear.

One possibility is she might be fighting off an upper respiratory infection. It's been going around here in the small ward where we are. There are no open windows here so it's hard to get real fresh air.

Irreversible Electroporation (Nanoknife). Thought: Combining Nanoknife with Coley's Toxins?

For almost two years, I've been keeping track of an ablation technology that offers significant advantages over traditional ablation techniques. Those of you who have prostate, liver, lung, kidney, lymph node, bone or pancreatic cancer should definitely invest time into studying this. I'm sure it has its limitations, but you need to pay attention because the articles and papers seem to indicate it may be an additional option in cases where surgery or RFA/Cryo may not be suitable.

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