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Coley's Toxins: Optimal treatment duration & corresponding survival rates

The student of Coley's Toxins will know that the successful complete remission of cancer via Coley's Toxins is not a simple thing to achieve logistically. Unlike simple infusions or oral ingestion of drugs that directly attack cancer, Coley's Toxins seeks to modify the incredibly complex immune system. I get quite disappointed whenever I hear simplistic declarations of how the immune system works.

Coley's Toxins IV #7 - A long but sub-optimal fever

Today's fever was uneventful but interesting. We went with an increased dose of 0.002ml thinking that an increase from 0.00075ml to 0.001ml wouldn't do much. We were right.

The chills began 1 hour after infusion start like clockwork. However, 3 hours after infusion start, her temperature was still 101.2F. It became apparent that today's was not going to a very high fever.

The fever stayed mostly between 101 and 102F for a good 3 hours. It briefly touched 102.5F but only for a few minutes.

Coley's Toxins Weeks 1 & 2

SAM 3830We had heard and read much about Coley's Toxins and its potential side effects, and now I was to experience it. We want to share my experience with others: how Coley's Toxins actually makes one feel - both immediately during and after treatment. The past two weeks have been like a long experiment. We recorded every sensation I felt during and after the Coley's treatment.

Coley's Toxins IV #6 - Looks like it's time to increase dosage more aggressively

Coley's Toxins treatment: Waiting for feverToday, it took almost 2 hours before there was any rise in temperature at all. However, she eventually developed fever, although it was clear that the temperature rise was not as fast and as high as previous treatments. She also experienced some light chills at that time.

Coley's Toxins IV #5 - First dose increase (to 0.00075mL)

Mexican soldiers patroling outside Oasis of Hope with machine gunsToday, we increased the dosage from 0.0005mL by 50% to 0.00075mL. Those of you familiar with the MBVax protocol will note that this is still less than the typical starting dose of 0.001mL. The reason why we're treading cautiously is from previous experience with various drugs and chemo. She just tends to react quite strongly to typical dosages (even those adjusted for body weight).

Coley's Toxins as an immunotherapy treatment for sarcoma

My wife has just completed 1 week of Coleys Toxins. It was basically uneventful and quite predictable according to the MBVax treatment protocol. Each treatment successfully achieved fever, while minimizing unpleasant side effects of chills / shakes by pre-warming the patient.

Coley's Toxins IV #4 - On the right track

coleys toxins day4She was rather tired over the weekend. The Issels doctors prescribed IV protein + Magnesium to replenish her (a CBC done on Saturday morning showed that her protein levels had dropped to 5.8 g/dL (normal minimum being 6.0). The doctor had already predicted it may happen before the CBC was done. The doctor said that drops in protein levels may happen when you have fevers.

Coley's Toxins IV #3 - Learning to avoid dehydration during pre-heating

coleys toxins day3Looking back at today's treatment, we concluded that we have been too aggressive with the heating pads. In our enthusiasm to avoid the chills and shakes that Coley's induces, we've been aggressively pre-heating her to the extent that she began sweating profusely even before the fever started.

Coley's Toxins IV #2 - Substantial fever attained!

coleys toxins day2aToday, we stuck with the same 0.0005mL CFIV dosage. We expected that there may not be any fever today because we're using the same dosage as past Monday's. If you remember, Monday's fever broke past the 102.5F barrier for only 15 minutes. Furthermore, the body is supposed to get more tolerant to Coleys so one would expect a lower fever than expected this time.

Coley's Toxins IV #1 - Our adventure begins

We had brought a large body-sized far-infrared heating pad to warm her, as well as smaller one for her chest. I kept her under blankets and turned up the room thermostat to 80F. We did this to take the edge of the chills and shakes, as well as to reduce energy requirements by the body to raise core temperature.

(The picture below is of the far infra-red heating pad in black, covered with towels, that we used to pre-warm the body)

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