Healthy Eating at Home: Nuwave Oven

nuwave oven health eatingOne of the hardest diet regimens that I've been on is the ketogenic diet.  This involves cutting down carbohydrates to about 20g carbs a day, and mainly eating protein and fats.

Not only was it difficult with the low blood sugar, but on top of that, I needed to cook a LOT of protein throughout the day!  That was when we got a Nuwave oven to help cook all the meat.

 The advantage of the Nuwave oven is that it can cook frozen meat without toughening the meat like a microwave does.  When I was doing the ketogenic diet, I froze 3oz portions of meat.  When I needed to eat, I just put the frozen meat into the Nuwave oven.  The cooking time was very fast, usually about 10 minutes, depending on the thickness and portion size.

healthy eating nuwave oven rotisserie chicken recipe

One of our concerns was the Nuwave oven's plastic dome.  We would have prefered a glass dome, but that isn't available.  The next best thing was to get the Nuwave Elite model, which has a BPA-free plastic dome made from polyphenylsulfone (PPSU).  This model is more expensive than the usual Nuwave oven that is touted on the infomercials.  With shipping and handling, it costs about $150.  If you have a regular Nuwave oven, you can buy the BPA-free plastic dome separately, it's called the "Power Dome", for about $50.

nuwave oven rotisserie chicken recipe

I am not on the ketogenic diet anymore, but the Nuwave oven is still my trusted kitchen tool.  On the low omega 6 diet, I need to eat low fat.

The Nuwave oven is also perfect for this, as the oils drain off the rack and collect in the pan below.  I like to line the pan with foil for easy clean up.  Then the pan, metal rack and plastic dome can all be placed in the dishwasher.

nuwave oven rotisserie chicken recipe

To use the Nuwave oven, you press the "Cook Temp" button, then punch in the temperature.  Then press the "Cook Time" button, followed by the number of minutes you want to cook it at.  Press the "Start" button, and let it cook!  It will beep when it is finished cooking.  When cooking meat with the Nuwave oven, you need to flip the meat to the other side and cook, then you're done!

I've made rotisserie chickenmarinated mushrooms, brussel sprouts, meatloaf, even chocolate chip cookies in the Nuwave oven! Give these Nuwave recipes a try!

nuwave oven healthy cooking rotisserie chicken    nuwave oven healthy cooking marinated mushrooms    nuwave oven healthy cooking brussel sprouts    nuwave oven healthy cooking meatloaf    nuwave oven healthy cooking chocolate chip cookies